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Patscheck Law’s founder, attorney Shellie A. Patscheck, is a Farmington native representing people in the community she loves. She is easy to talk to and understands that you need more than legal advice. She will listen to your story and make sure you have all of the resources you need to move forward.

You are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you were hurt on the job. In some cases, you might even be able to file a third-party claim against someone other than your employer to get additional damages. Attorney Patscheck will evaluate your case based on the specifics so you fully understand your options.

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When you’re hurt at work, you have an automatic right to workers’ comp benefits regardless of who was at fault. However, the workers’ compensation insurance company might try to minimize how much they pay by denying it, delaying it, or limiting benefits.

We will make sure you get the benefits you are entitled to, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Indemnity benefits (wage loss)
  • Disability
  • Death or survivor benefits

What to Expect in a Workers’ Comp Claim

The New Mexico workers’ compensation claims process can be complex. It’s best to work with a workplace injury attorney to make sure you meet all necessary deadlines and complete all of the paperwork appropriately.

Here’s an overview of what your claims process might look like.

Reporting Your Injury

Both you and your employer are required to complete a notification when you suffer a workplace injury. You must notify your employer within 15 days of an accident or injury. You should also complete a Notice of Accident form or submit another write-up of your injury.

Get Medical Treatment

You should immediately get medical care for your work-related injury or illness. Follow the doctors’ instructions and keep your employer informed about your progress. Your employer’s workers’ comp insurance should pay your medical bills and determine which benefits you’re eligible for.

Return to Work When and If You’re Able

You may not be able to work after an on-the-job injury. During that time, you should get indemnity benefits based on your degree of impairment.

  • Temporary partial disability (TPD) payments may be made if you remain employed after your injury. If you have to work at a reduced wage or limited hours, these indemnity benefits will apply to your case.
  • Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits are available if you can no longer work at all for a brief time after your accident.
  • Permanent disability benefits are paid if you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), and you are still limited in how much work you can complete. If you are permanently totally disabled (PTD), you may be unable to work at all. If you are permanently partially disabled (PPD), you may be able to work at a reduced or limited rate.

New Mexico Workplace Accident Laws

A local workers’ comp lawyer can help you understand the process, your rights, and how to obtain the best possible outcome in your claim.

Third Party Claims

In some cases, you may have been injured on the job due to a third party or another company. In those situations, you might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against that third party.

For example, if you were in a car accident that was not your fault, while driving a vehicle as part of your employment, you may be able to sue the other driver and their insurance company for damages.

This can allow you to obtain a significant amount of compensation compared to your workers’ comp benefits. Workers’ comp severely limits how much you can recover, but personal injury cases are much broader. You can obtain compensation for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, loss of consortium, property damage, and more.